Fat Transfer & Fat Grafting in Beverly Hills

ft grafting before and after patient

Consultation: 30 Min

Procedure: 2 Hours

Recovery: 1 – 2 Weeks

Duration of Results: 5 – 15 Years

Anesthesia: General

Volume is the key…the key to a youthful and healthy appearance in both the face and body. While maintaining a healthy weight and being in shape, you may still have a loss of volume in important areas like the face and areas of the body where more volume is desired such as the buttocks. Injecting fat has become one of the safest and most long lasting ways to restore volume into the body where it is lacking.

Lets first discuss the face. What gives children’s faces that youthful appearance is the smooth fullness starting from under the eye and going around the entire face. Fat injections can be used to achieve this look without having to pull or tighten any facial structure. As for the rest of the body, fat injections can also be used on areas of the body that are desired to be more full and voluptuous such as the buttocks and hips. Dr. Mashhadian is not a fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon, but also an artist. He uses the fat taken from one area to sculpt and rebuild volume in another. Contouring and using the fat like a large paintbrush he can mold and shape your body to your desired look. Dr. Mashhadian is an expert in contouring and can give you the body and face of your dreams using your own rejuvenated fat cells!

How Beverly Hills Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer is Done

Fat is taken through a liposuction method from a donor area such as the stomach, thighs, back or hips and is then cleaned and enhanced utilizing centrifuge, then re-injected into the area that is lacking in volume using a blunt tip, hollow cannula. As Dr. Mashhadian is re-injecting the fat, he is contouring and shaping it to achieve your desired look. When injecting into areas of the face he uses the fat as a finer paintbrush, softening every line and wrinkle as well as adding volume to the under-eye area and even lips. The best candidate for fat injections is someone who is in relatively good shape and is more focused on contouring specific areas of the body. Such as taking a small amount from the stomach and injecting the fat into the buttocks or face for extra volume.

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Beverly Hills Fat Transfer – Fat Grafting – AdiCyte

Did you know that your stem cells can be the key to health and body rejuvenation years down the line? Your stem cells right now have the ability and power once harvested to be re introduced into your body and work miracles in rejuvenation medicine and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Mashhadian offers the fat collection for stem cell harvesting during your fat injection procedure. When the fat is taken from the donor area he can save enough for banking your stem cells. Thanks to the innovations of AdiCyte, this amazing and exciting medical advancement has become a reality and we encourage all of our surgical patients to take advantage! We proudly serve Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and surrounding California communities.

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