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Dysport injections are an effective, FDA-approved method of reducing wrinkles on the forehead and frown lines. Dr. Mashhadian has been using it safely and effectively to also treat the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, also known as “crows feet”. Dysport is performed at nearly every med-spa, esthetician’s office, and plastic surgeon’s office. With all of these choices, how in the world can you choose who to go to? Dr. Mashhadian is a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon. He completed his residency in Maxillo Facial Surgery. His extensive knowledge of the facial muscles and structure makes him a patient-claimed “Dysport Guru”.

Dysport injections are one of the best ways to give a dramatic improvement without the need for cosmetic surgery or extensive downtime. The same lines that make you look tired, angry or aged can essentially be erased. Dysport is a botulinum toxin similar to Botox. It works by freezing the muscles under the skin so that they can’t move to create the creases that appear as fine lines and wrinkles. Over 11 million men and women have started using Dysport and with the Brilliant Distinctions Program, it’s never been more affordable or easy to receive in-office discounts.


Dysport is administered to an area such as the forehead using 5 injection points, with one injection at each point. It blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle causing the muscle activity that creates wrinkles and lines to freeze, thus temporarily getting rid of them! It is normal to receive Dysport injections every 90 days. Treatment generally takes 10-20 minutes and you will start to see your results in 4-5 days.

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The alternative to Dysport is Botox. Used with the same Botulinum toxin, many people want to know the difference between the two. Dysport’s molecular structure varies from Botox in that it is smaller. Not only does this change the way it is absorbed in the skin; but it also makes the unit measurement and dosage different. The smaller product molecules cause it spread and absorb more quickly and some say smooth more evenly. Others say there are no differences and will use either one. Whether you choose Dysport or Botox, you’re sure to see a dramatically more youthful appearance.


Dysport injections have been used safely and effectively for over ten years to treat many ophthalmological and neurological disorders. Each year, thousands of patients receive Dysport treatments for a variety of conditions. Dysport is quickly becoming a popular treatment for reversing the visible signs of aging.


Temporary bruising is the most common side effect. In some cases, the toxin can migrate and cause the temporary weakness of nearby muscles. In rare cases, there can be drooping of an eyelid or asymmetry of facial expression. The risk of any side effect depends on the muscles injected. Your physician will discuss these risks with you in length prior to your treatment. Because the effects of Dysport are completely reversible, any side effects are temporary, lasting only a few weeks.


If dynamic wrinkles make you look older than you are, cosmetic denervation can smooth these out and give you a more youthful and pleasant appearance. This procedure cannot, however, improve wrinkles due to aging and sun-damaged skin alone since they are unrelated to facial muscle contractions. Dysport injections will not improve sagging skin or replace the need for a facelift or brow lift.


Dysport injections are a temporary solution for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. The effects of the injections last anywhere between four to six months. You will need to have injections approximately two to three times a year for consistent upkeep.  Clinical studies have indicated that the duration of treatment over time leads to increased benefits over time. This means that you should require fewer injections as time goes on. 


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