Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Facial Surgeon – Dr. David Mashhadian

With facial plastic surgery with our Beverly Hills facial surgeon, you can achieve the symmetry and balance that brings out your natural beauty and you can turn back the clock on the signs of aging that have begun to show in your face. At Rodeo Surgical Art, patient care is our priority. We are dedicated to creating satisfying, natural-looking results for you.

Beverly Hills Facial Contouring

Whether you want to reshape your nose or add definition to your chin, our facial contouring procedures can enhance your natural beauty by providing balance and attractive contours to your face. In consultation with Dr. Mashhadian, you can select the right procedures to achieve your desired look.

Rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty allows you to find the facial symmetry that defines beauty. Many patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood benefit from subtle improvements to the bridge or tip of the nose.

Other facial plastic surgery procedures that may help you achieve your cosmetic goals include:

Each procedure provides subtle definition to your natural features, which makes a dramatic difference in your appearance.

Beverly Hills Face Lifts

As you age, you will begin to notice sagging skin, puffiness, or wrinkles that weren’t there just a few years before. We offer many non-surgical options to combat the signs of aging, but for long lasting facial rejuvenation, you’ll want to consider one of our face lift procedures.

Dr. Mashhadian performs three different variations depending on your desired results. You may benefit from a full face lift, a limited incision face lift or a neck lift. In addition, an eye lift performed on either your upper or lower eyelids or both can give your eyes a more open and youthful appearance.

To further open your eye area and reduce the appearance of a drooping brow and tired expression, Dr. Mashhadian may recommend a brow lift.

If you would like to learn more about facial plastic surgery, please call 310-652-4500 or contact our Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon today to schedule your consultation at Rodeo Surgical Art.

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