Beverly Hills Orthognathic Surgery - Corrective Jaw Surgery

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Consultation: 1 Hour

Procedure: 2 – 7 Hours

Recovery: 1 – 3 Weeks

Duration of Results: Permanent

Anesthesia: General

Beverly Hills Orthognathic Surgery or Corrective Jaw Surgery is a facial surgery that addresses issues of the upper and lower jaw growing at different paces and not meeting correctly to create both a comfortable and esthetically pleasing alignment. This can cause several issues from your over all health, speech, ability to swallow and chew properly as well as the appearance of your face, jaw and teeth not being supported correctly.

Some develop this problem over time due to the fact that both the upper and lower jaw can grow at different rates separately. This causes a shift in the teeth as well as the bite. An under bite (Mandibular prognathism or skeletal Class III malocclusion) or overbite (Maxillary prognathism or skeletal Class II malocclusion) can also be present. Corrective Jaw Surgery can also be the solution to breathing problems such as sleep apnea and snoring caused by the misaligned upper and lower jaw.

Prior to diagnosis and prognosis the Beverly Hills staff of Rodeo Surgical Art will schedule you for your consultation. Dr. Mashhadian will meet with you to examine your facial features, your jaw and bite, as well as order special radiographic imaging as needed to determine what the best treatment is. Dr. Mashhadian is unique in sense that he is both a Board Certified Oral and Maxilla-Facial Surgeon as well as a Diplomate of The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. You can rest assure with confidence that you will be in the greatest of hands!

Reasons for Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

  • Correction of facial asymmetry, unbalanced facial features and proportions
  • Difficulty with mastication (chewing)
  • Excessive wear of the teeth
  • Open bite (front teeth NOT coming together, when the mouth is closed)
  • Correction of facial injury or congenital (birth) defect
  • Recessed chin (receding weak chin)
  • Protruding jaw (Mandibular prognathism)
  • Inability to meet lips without strain (Lip incompetence)
  • Chronic mouth breathing resulting in dry mouth
  • Sleep apnea (breathing problems when sleeping, such as snoring)
  • Chronic jaw joint pain (TMJ) and headache

Orthognathic Surgery Treatment for Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Area Patients

Treatment for an uneven jaw or a jaw that is causing either an overbite or under bite is very intricate and should only be trusted in the hands of someone as qualified and educated as Dr. Mashhadian. It involves adding bone as well as extracting bone to either add to the jaw or take away. Some of these procedures include Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion (SARPE), Lefort Osteotomy, Sagittal Split Osteotomy (BSSO), Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy (IVRO) and Sliding Genioplasty.

Prior to your surgery, orthodontic braces may be needed move and align the teeth, as teeth are the foundation that helps to dictate the new position of the jaw and the facial bones. Therefore, proper planning is the key to successful outcome. Such planning may include special imaging, photos, dental models, and coordination with Orthodontist.

Surgical incisions are usually made inside the mouth, thus there are no visible scars. Though in very rare situations small incisions may be needed outside of the mouth, but are always placed with an inconspicuous nature.  The facial bones will be strategically manipulated to achieve the proper alignment. In certain instances, bone may be need to be added, taken away or reshaped. Permanent surgical mini fixation plates or screws, or resorbable types of fixations are used to stabilize the new position of the facial bones. Additionally wires and rubber bands may be utilized in conjunction with fixation during the healing process to insure the best possible results.

Beverly Hills Orthognathic Surgery After Care and Recovery

The after care instructions specific to your exact procedure will be provided by our knowledgeable team dependent on the extent of your procedure. These may include modified diet, such as non-chew soft food or liquid diet, followed by a scheduled transition to a normal diet. Dr. Mashhadian as recommended refrain from the use tobacco products and to avoid strenuous activity during healing time.

Postoperative pain after corrective jaw surgery is readily controlled with common pain medications. Most patients are able to return to work or school after one to three weeks of recovery. Bone healing is slow process and although initial healing time is approximately six weeks, complete healing of the facial and jaws bone may take between nine and 12 months during which time fine tune adjustments can be made to prefect your results.

To find out if you are a good candidate for corrective jaw surgery, please call 310-652-4500 today to schedule your consultation with Dr. David Mashhadian. If corrective jaw surgery is not right for you, camouflage surgery may be your best option.

Dr. Mashhadian will provides a full detailed treatment plan and after care plan to you after your consultation and diagnosis. At Rodeo Surgical Art you will be sure to receive the attention and care you deserve. If you are ready to embark on this life changing procedure or just want to find out more about what Corrective Jaw surgery can do for you contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 652-4500. We proudly serve Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and surrounding California communities.

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