Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Beverly Hills


Consultation: 30 Min

Procedure: 30 Min

Recovery: Minimum

Duration of Results: 12+ Months

  • Eliminate droopy lids and open the eyes for a refreshed appearance
  • Eliminate puffiness underneath the eyes that makes you look tired
  • Address the lower, upper or both lids at the same time
  • Tiny incisions allow for full correction with almost no visible scarring
  • Improve line of vision if droopy lids are interfering with your ability to see
  • Outpatient procedure with a relatively short, comfortable recovery process
  • Advanced techniques ensure quick recovery without narcotic medications

The aging process affects the eyes in a variety of ways. In addition to the formation of subtle lines around the eyes, you might notice the skin of your eyelids beginning to sag and droop. These changes can do more than affect your appearance; it can even impact your ability to see in some cases. At the same time, puffiness can develop beneath the eye, which may make you look perpetually tired even when you have had a good night’s sleep.

Eyelid surgery can address all these concerns, restoring a refreshed and youthful appearance to the eyes and face. Dr. Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art tailors this procedure to the unique issues of each of his patients, to create a rejuvenated look that is also natural. If you are searching for a surgery that will produce a dramatic improvement in your appearance, eyelid surgery might be the right choice for you. Through an advanced recovery system created by Dr. Mashhadian, you can also enjoy a more comfortable recovery process without the need for narcotic pain medication.


Dr. Mashhadian offers blepharoplasty, otherwise known as eyelid surgery or an eye lift, for patients in and around Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California. Eyelid surgery removes excess fat and loose skin from the upper eyelid, lower lid or both lids at the same time. Displaced fat is responsible for the appearance of puffiness underneath the eye, while skin laxity leads to sagging of the upper eyelid. By removing small areas of fat and loose skin, Dr. Mashhadian creates a smoother contour around the eye, which can improve vision and turns back the clock on your appearance. Smaller incisions and the least invasive techniques promise superior results with less pain and post-operative scarring.


Both men and women with any of the following concerns may see benefits from eyelid surgery:

  • Drooping upper eyelid that produces a sad, worried or tired appearance
  • Hooding of the upper lid that interferes with the line of vision
  • Fat deposits that reduce the upper lid crease and make it difficult to apply eye makeup
  • Drooping of the lower lid that exposes the white of the eye underneath the iris
  • Puffiness under the eye that creates a chronically tired look

Dr. Mashhadian will evaluate your unique situation by listening to your concerns and aesthetic goals while performing an examination and medical history to determine whether eyelid surgery will be both safe and effective for you. In some cases, he might recommend eyelid surgery in conjunction with other procedures like a facelift or brow lift to further enhance your rejuvenated appearance, or perhaps his non-surgical blepharoplasty option.


Eyelid surgery might involve the upper, lower or both lids, depending on the needs and preferences of the patient. In upper eyelid surgery, incisions are made within the natural crease of the lid to avoid visible scarring after the procedure. Through these incisions, Dr. Mashhadian will remove excess skin and isolated deposits of fat to create a more attractive contour, open the eye, and remove any obstructions in the line of vision.

Lower eyelid surgery will involve incisions along the lash line or inside the eye, where noticeable scarring will be minimal. These openings are used to carefully remove fat and loose skin to eliminate puffiness and create a smoother look on the lower lid. Subtle lines may also be reduced as the skin is tightened over this area.


Upper blepharoplasty is often performed under local anesthesia, but if both lids are addressed, general anesthesia is usually recommended. If you choose to have surgery on both the upper and lower lids at the same time, the procedure will likely take about two hours to complete. Treatment on just one set of eyelids will take less time in most cases.

After eyelid surgery, the stitches placed will probably need to be removed within about one week. It could take one to two weeks for bruising and swelling, common side effects after any surgery, to subside so that you feel comfortable going out in public. Eyelids may also return to their natural shape at this time, offering you a glimpse of the full results you might expect from this procedure.

Because Dr. Mashhadian uses his own Recovery EXL system with all his surgical procedures, his patients enjoy a faster, more comfortable recovery. You will not have to take narcotic pain medication after your surgery, which eliminates potential side effects like nausea, vomiting and severe drowsiness. Instead, you will be up and around soon after your procedure, accelerating your healing process.

Dr. Mashhadian usually recommends that patients take about two weeks off after eyelid surgery. However, some patients may return to work much sooner, while others will need a bit more time to recover from the procedure. Dr. Mashhadian will evaluate you throughout the recovery process so that he can advise you on the best time to return to your daily routine and engage in more strenuous activities.


You will likely see your results once complete healing takes place, which usually takes two weeks or more. At that time, swelling and bruising will significantly dissipate, and you will be left with a more awake and rejuvenated appearance overall. While eyelift surgery won’t stop the aging process entirely, the positive outcomes of this procedure are very long-lasting. Upper eyelid surgery results can last anywhere from five to seven years, while lower blepharoplasty rarely needs to be performed more than once. If a brow lift is performed at the same time, the positive results of your procedure might last even longer.

Dr. Mashhadian will advise you on skincare treatments that can help you enhance and maintain the results of your eyelid surgery. You might also find over time that nonsurgical procedures can effectively help you maintain your positive results without another time under anesthesia or another recovery period. Rodeo Surgical Art is here to support you throughout a lifetime, offering the best and least invasive treatments to ensure a fresh, youthful and rejuvenated appearance at any age and any time of the year. Eyelid surgery is a positive way to achieve dramatically rejuvenated results with just a week or two of downtime involved. To find out if you are a good candidate for our Beverly Hills blepharoplasty eyelid surgery, please call 310-652-4500 to get more information or schedule your consultation with Dr. Mashhadian. You can also request an online consultation if you live out of state or cannot make time for an in-person consultation at this time.

Not interested in surgery at this time? Learn about our nonsurgical blepharoplasty alternatives, which commonly use injectable procedures to smooth out wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to the eyes overall. Our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon proudly serves Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and surrounding California counties. If you are looking for experience, expertise and an excellent track record of safety and results, Dr. Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art might be the right option for you.


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