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We all struggle with some area on our bodies that bothers us the most. No matter how much we diet, deprive ourselves of food, and exercise until we’re red in the face, some stubborn fatty areas just won’t go away. It’s a common thing these days to see people rushing off to the gym during the first part of the year trying to keep their resolutions, but the commitment is tough. The next best thing is to look for a surgical treatment that can get rid of these tenacious areas of fat, especially underneath the chin. With this new facial injectable that targets fat reduction in the submental (under the chin) area, double-chin problems are no longer an issue. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we now offer Kybella injections to burst fat cells under the chin for a smoother, contoured neck.

What is Kybella?

Formerly ATX 101, Kybella dermal injections have been FDA approved and on the market in the United States since 2015. Our clinic, Rodeo Surgical Art, under the expert artistic care of Dr. David Mashhadian recommends this injectable as a comfortable alternative to facial plastic surgery and neck lift. The composition of the Kybella injectable is made up of an organic compound that is naturally produced as deoxycholic acid, that is used to kill fat cells. Kybella is injected into the submental area and works on the fat cell membranes to degrade and burst the cells.

What does Kybella Treat?

While Kybella was initially approved for the submental fat that forms underneath the chin, the medication has proven quite versatile in its ability to treat other areas of stubborn fat just as effectively. Dr. Mashhadian utilizes this injectable treatment on the following areas to melt away unwanted bumps and bulges:

  • Submental fat underneath the chin
  • Jowl formation along the jawline
  • Buccal fat pad (cheek) reduction
  • Upper arms
  • Bra rolls
  • Outer thighs
  • Inner knees

Keep in mind that the active ingredient in Kybella targets fat cells, eliminating them to create a sleeker contour in these areas. If the problem is caused more by skin laxity than fat accumulation, a surgical procedure may be needed to excise loose skin and achieve the desired results.

How is the procedure performed?

Kybella injections are ideal for small, concentrated areas which is why it is approved for the area under the chin and no other. Dr. Mashhadian will draw a small cluster of dots underneath the chin that will get rid of the bundles of fat causing double-chin and turkey neck. These markings are made carefully in the precise areas of fatty tissue so as not to disturb muscle tissue or facial nerves.

These dotted areas beneath the chin are injected with Kybella serum using a small needle that injects about 0.2 cm3 beneath the surface of the skin, where fat cells live. Just before injection, the doctor may apply ice packs to the skin to even out the fat cells beneath and keep them in place for injection precision. You should hardly feel any pain from the injection, apart from a small puncture or pinch from the insertion of the needle. The injections themselves take only a few minutes.

How many treatments are required and how often?

These Kybella injections can range anywhere from ten to as high as fifty per treatment session. Depending on how large of an area you will need to cover to get rid of your double chin fat, these injections will vary. Usually, our clients can require anywhere to two to three treatments, but that depends on your particular need. Dr. Mashhadian will explain the amount of injections and how many visits you will need during your one-on-one consultation. These submental injections only require a few visits, but each treatment should be no less than one month apart.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella injections?

This is a great question! Since Kybella injections are made for small, concentrated areas for fat reduction, this treatment is not for patients who wish to lift and tighten lots of excess sagging skin. Kybella is meant to get rid of stubborn fat, but not to tighten; however, some physicians and patients have noted that some contouring is done as treatments progress.

At Rodeo Surgical Art, we do feel that neck contouring can be seen on those with very minimal sagging and loose skin as the fat is removed. We also recommend this injection as an alternative to surgical treatments for those who aren’t ready to go through longer recovery times.


Results vary from patient to patient, but we definitely see results after two to three treatments as the fat begins to melt away in the double-chin. The results of this injection should last for years to come and is a long term solution to under the chin fat.

We do recommend that an ideal weight is maintained to avoid gaining extra fat in this area. Fat cells are burst and removed, but that doesn’t mean new ones can’t set in. As with any fat reduction treatment, we recommend a healthy diet and moderate exercise to support your treatments for the best possible results.


Directly after the injection, no particular dressings need to be added to cover the injection site. There is absolutely no downtime for you to worry about. However, there are a couple of days needed for healing in the skin.  The injection site may have hardened areas as the injection works to metabolize the fat cells.

We know you’re excited to get started on getting rid of that double-chin, and Kybella is the best method in cosmetic care to do it. Come into our relaxing and luxurious clinic to be our guest and receive a full complimentary consultation on all facial fillers, injectables and breast augmentations and more. Call Rodeo Surgical Art at 310-652-4500 for more information and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mashhadian.


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