Breast Lift in Beverly Hills

Consultation: 30 min

Procedure: 3-5 Hours

Recovery: 1-2 Weeks

Duration of Results: Permanent

Anesthesia: General

  • Reverse sagging and drooping that can occur to breasts over time
  • Ability to reposition and enhance nipples and areola during surgery
  • Advanced techniques reduce scars and accelerate recovery process
  • Customized to the unique needs and desired results of each patient
  • Can be combined with implants or reduction to enhance results further
  • Positive results that can last a lifetime

Many women experience stretching and sagging of the breast tissue over time, which can be attributed to age, gravity, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and genetics. In some cases, increasing the volume and fullness of the breasts with implants may produce an enhanced result. However, other women find implants alone do not achieve the desired effect of restoring a perkier, more youthful appearance to the breasts. In these situations, Dr. David Mashhadian often recommends a breast lift to his patients, giving them the outcome they genuinely want.


A breast lift is a surgery designed to restore sagging breasts to a more youthful position on the chest wall. The procedure removes excess skin that has stretched over time while repositioning the breasts to create a more attractive contour. If necessary, the surgery can also be used to reduce and relocate the nipple and areola to create a natural, proportionate look overall. Dr. Mashhadian tailors this procedure to the precise needs of each patient, so you know you will achieve a result that looks natural, beautiful and in line with the rest of your body proportions. He also created a proprietary pain management system known as Recovery EXL, which reduces discomfort after surgery for a more pleasant post-operative experience and a quicker recovery process.


A breast lift can be done in conjunction with breast augmentation for patients who would like to add size and volume at the same time the breasts are lifted. Dr. Mashhadian artfully removes excess skin and contours the breast tissue to achieve a natural and beautiful lift, while implants placed into the breast pocket produce the desired fullness. He uses the Keller funnel for his implant procedures, which results in a smaller scar and a less invasive procedure. For women who feel their breasts have started to look deflated at the same time the sagging begins or were never happy with the size of their breasts, a breast lift and augmentation combination may be the right choice for them. The two procedures may be performed at the same time, minimizing incisions, time under anesthesia and recovery duration.


Women desiring a breast lift should be in relatively good health, with one or more of the following concerns they would like to address:

  • Breasts that droop lower on the chest wall than they once did
  • Sagging breasts that affect a woman’s appearance and self-confidence
  • Nipples that point downward rather than outward

It is best for women to wait until they are done having children before they have this procedure, since pregnancy and nursing can alter the results of the surgery. To help patients determine whether a breast lift is the right choice for them, Dr. Mashhadian uses the Regnault Breast Ptosis, Breast Relaxation or Sagging Grading Scale to determine the amount of ptosis (droop) they are currently experiencing:

  • Grade I: Mild Ptosis – The nipple is located below the inframammary fold (IMF), but remains located above the lower pole of the breast.
  • Grade II: Moderate Ptosis – The nipple is located below the IMF, yet some lower-pole breast tissue hangs lower than the nipple.
  • Grade III: Advanced Ptosis – The nipple is located below the IMF and is at the maximum projection of the breast from the chest.
  • Grade IV: Severe Ptosis – The nipple is far below the IMF, and there is no lower-pole breast tissue beneath the nipple.
  • Pseudo-ptosis – There is sagging of the skin and breast tissue below the inferior pole of the breast, but the nipple is located either at or above the IMF.

The amount of ptosis Dr. Mashhadian determines you have will also dictate the techniques used during your breast lift to achieve the best results for you.


There are different types of incisions and techniques that can be used when performing a breast lift. These incisions are catered toward addressing different grades and variations of sagging and volume loss as well as nipple shaping and placement. Incision options include:


The crescent breast lift gets its name from the half-moon-shaped incision created around the top of the areola. This procedure is perfect for women in need of minimal lifting and tissue contouring. However, this lift does not allow for reshaping or reducing the size of the nipple and areola, due to the small length and position of the incision. This lift can be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation using either saline or silicone implants. No additional incisions are necessary if adding an implant.


Depending on the location and size of the nipple, an incision can be made in a circular shape around the areola. This incision provides additional lifting ability, and since the incision follows the entire circumference of the areola, we can reduce the size and shape of the nipple and areola in addition to lifting and contouring the breast tissue. This lift can also be done in combination with augmentation using saline or silicone implants, without the need for additional incisions.


The lollipop lift gets its name from the keyhole-shaped incisions made around the top of the areola and coming down vertically to the crease of the breast. Once closed, these incisions form what looks like a lollipop line around the nipple and downward. The lollipop lift is a more moderate lift and perfect for a patient with a larger amount of breast tissue to remove as well as the need for more extensive contouring. With this lifting technique, it is possible to raise the nipple while reducing the size and enhancing the shape. Saline or silicone implants can also be added to this procedure without creating additional incisions or extending the recovery process.


The inverted-T lift is a procedure that can remove and reshape a large amount of excess breast tissue while reshaping and resizing the nipple. The incisions for this technique are made around the top of the areola, vertically downward to the bottom of the breast and horizontally along the breast crease. This is the most extensive breast lift performed and is reserved for women with severe ptosis. Augmentation can be done at the same time as this procedure if requested.


Patients usually undergo a breast lift under general anesthesia, and the process may take anywhere from three to five hours to complete. Dr. Mashhadian will place incisions carefully to ensure they do not leave noticeable scarring behind. In most cases, scars will be hidden under clothing and swimwear. During the procedure, he will remove excess skin and tighten up the breasts to create a firmer, smoother contour. If implants are to be added, they will be placed at the same time, using techniques to minimize infection risk and create the most attractive profile. Patients will go home a few hours after their surgery, once it is determined they are ready to leave our facility.

Recovery from a breast lift typically takes a couple of weeks, although you will be mobile much faster thanks to Dr. Mashhadian’s unique Recovery EXL system. This proprietary approach also eliminates the need for narcotic pain medications and the uncomfortable side effects that frequently accompany them. You will wear a support garment during your recovery to support the breasts as they heal from the procedure. Bruising and swelling are typical with a breast lift, but Dr. Mashhadian will provide you with instructions to minimize the side effects. While you should be able to return to most activities within a week or two, strenuous exercise will be restricted for about six weeks, depending on how fast your body recuperates after your surgery.

While many women desire to enhance the appearance of their breasts using a lift or augmentation, some are hesitant to do so because they are worried about residual scarring. In addition to the meticulous techniques Dr. Mashhadian employs to minimize scarring, Rodeo Surgical Art also offers an innovative topical regimen comprise of silicone that is highly effective on new scar tissue. Bio Corneum is a unique scar therapy serum that uses a patented silicone gel to prevent extensive scar formation. At the same time, the solution offers sun protection, as UV rays can often make scars look worse as they heal. Bio Corneum is an automatic component of our patients’ aftercare and treatment plan, and is given to our patients once the skin has healed and is ready for a topical treatment.


Once bruising and swelling go down after surgery, you will begin to see the outcome of your breast lift procedure. Breasts should look perkier and more youthful, giving you more confidence in your body contour. If implants were added, you should enjoy greater fullness and volume in your breasts as well. The results of a breast lift last a very long time, and most women will only need one surgery over a lifetime to provide them with the look they want. Breast implants also last many years and never have to be removed unless you experience complications or decide to remove or replace your implants to create a different size and shape to the breasts.

A breast lift can restore youthful perkiness to the breasts, reversing changes caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging. Dr. Mashhadian offers this procedure to women in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Encino, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Simi Valley, throughout the rest of California, and even nationwide. If you want to learn more about this surgery or find out if a breast lift is a good option for you, contact Rodeo Surgical Art today at 310-652-4500 to get your questions answered, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Mashhadian.


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