Breast Lift Beverly Hills

Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California

Consultation: 30 min

Procedure: 3-5 Hours

Recovery: 1-2 Weeks

Duration of Results: Permanent

Anesthesia: General

Beverly Hills Mastopexy – Breast Lift Surgery

Many women experience a stretching and sagging of the breast tissue due to age, gravity, child bearing and/or genetics. In some cases, increasing the volume of the breasts by implants alone may not achieve the desired effect or do enough to bring them back to their once youthful appearance. Or perhaps you were never truly happy with the size, shape and nipple appearance of your breasts in the first place? To these Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area patients, we recommend a breast lift.  A breast lift can be done in conjunction with a breast augmentation to achieve a more youthful and perkier breast appearance. Dr. Mashhadian artfully removes excess skin and contours the breast tissue to achieve a natural and beautiful lift as well as reshaping the underlying breast tissue. Post Partum Breast atrophy, absence of breast tissue, and loss of volume are the most common complaints coming from women wanting to enhance the look of their breasts.  With a breast lift and augmentation our patients achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of.

The Regnault Breast Ptosis, Breast Relaxation or Sagging grading scale

  • Grade I: Mild ptosis — The nipple is located below the inframammary fold (IMF), but remains located above the lower pole of the breast.
  • Grade II: Moderate ptosis — The nipple is located below the IMF; yet some lower-pole breast tissue hangs lower than the nipple.
  • Grade III: Advanced ptosis — The nipple is located below the IMF, and is at the maximum projection of the breast from the chest.
  • Grade IV: Severe ptosis — The nipple is far below the inframammary fold, and there is no lower-pole breast tissue below the nipple.
  • Pseudoptosis — Sagging of the skin and breast tissue below the inferior pole of the breast, but the nipple is located either at or above the inframammary fold (IMF).

Beverly HIlls Breast Lift Surgery Incisions

There are different types of incisions and techniques that can be used when performing a breast lift. These incisions are catered toward addressing different grades and variations of sagging and volume loss as well as nipple shaping and placement.

Beverly Hills Breast Lift – Crescent Lift

The crescent breast lift gets its name from the half-moon shape incision created around the top of the areola. This procedure is perfect for women in need of minimal lifting and tissue contouring. With this lift however, it is not possible to reshape or reduce nipple size due to the small length and position of the incision.  However, it is perfect for a patient in need of minor revision with a focus on contouring. This lift can be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation using either saline or silicone implants. No additional incisions are necessary if adding an implant.

Beverly Hills Breast Lift – Donut Lift – Benelli

Depending on the location and size of the nipple, an incision can be made in a circular shape around the areola. This provides additional lifting and because the incision is made following the entire circumference of the areola we are able to reduce the size and reshape the nipple in addition to lifting and contouring the breast tissue. This lift can also be done in conjunction with an augmentation using saline or silicone implants without making any additional incisions.

Beverly Hills Breast Lift – Lollipop Lift

The Lollipop Lift gets its name from the key-hole shaped incisions made around the top of the areola and coming down vertically to the crease of the breast. Once closed these incisions form what looks like a lollipop line around the nipple and downward. This is a more moderate lift and perfect for a patient with a larger amount of breast tissue removal as well as more invasive contouring. With this type of lift it is possible to raise the nipple as well as reduce the size and adjust the shape. This lift can be done in addition to a breast augmentation using either saline or silicone.

Beverly Hills Breast Lift – Inverted T Lift – Anchor Mastopexy

The Inverted T lift is a procedure that can remove and reshape a large amount of excess breast tissue as well as reshape and resize the nipple. The incisions are made around the top of the areola, vertically downward to the crease of the breast and then horizontally along the crease of the breast. This is the most invasive and highest-grade breast lift and can also be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation using saline or silicone if additional volume and contouring of shape is desired.

Beverly Hills Breast Lift Scarring

Many women have been longing to change the look, feel and overall appearance of their breasts but are worried about ugly scarring. Rodeo Surgical Art is excited and proud to be offering a fantastic topical regimen comprised of silicone that works miracles on new scar tissue called Bio Corneum. Bio Corneum is a unique scar therapy serum that uses a patented silicone gel, which helps prevent scar formation in addition to providing sun protection of SPF 30. Bio Corneum is an automatic component to our patients’ after-care and treatment plan and is given to our patients once their skin is healed and ready for topical treatment.

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Dr. Mashhadian’s artful incisions and removal of excess breast tissue along with contouring the remaining tissue, breasts can literally be transformed and sent in a time capsule back to a perkier, youthful and more voluminous state. Depending on your desired look and feel, the option of lift along with a breast augmentation is commonly desired. Women from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Encino, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Simi Valley, throughout California and nationwide are raving about Dr. Mashhadian’s stellar breast lift and augmentation transformations. Upon your initial consultation, Dr. Mashhadian and the staff of Rodeo Surgical Art will create a unique and perfect treatment plan that’s best suited for your specific wants and needs. Contact us today!

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