Fat Injection

Patient had prior chin augmentation which left her with a rippled and distorted appearance. She had been unhappy with multiple attempts at correction from her previous surgeon and looked to Dr....Click here for more details
Unhappy with her facial features she wanted a more youthful appearance along with jaw definition and removal of her double chin. Dr. Mashhadian preformed selective lipo-sculpture to give...Click here for more details
After undergoing multiple facial procedures including 3 facelifts and eyelid, she was still unhappy with her appearance and felt the surgeries left her face looking thinned out and tired. Dr....Click here for more details
Patient with history of large unsightly appendectomy contracted depressed scar. She was also unhappy with abdominal shape and not fitting well in her clothing. Treatment: Liposuction and...Click here for more details
Being a heavy smoker, she was not a candidate for a face-lift but still desired a more youthful appearance. Dr. Mashhadian preformed a global fat graft, adding fat throughout her face including...Click here for more details
*Individual Results May Vary