Is Breast Augmentation Recovery Painful?

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A breast augmentation can be among the most valuable treatments a woman can have as an investment in herself. A woman’s breast appearance can help her feel whole, feminine, confident and energized. Her look, especially this aspect of her body, can truly have a transformative effect on her perspective and her life. While no surgery should be taken lightly, if you, as a woman, are dissatisfied with any features of your breast appearance, you can enjoy wonderful and immediate benefits by taking action now.

This immensely advantageous surgery, however, like any surgery, has a recovery period, and concerns about this phase of treatment are often a primary reason women delay their procedure, despite its many benefits. A full understanding of the requirements of recovery and its temporary limitations can give women a much better perspective on this area of the surgical process, allow her to make a better-informed decision and also ensure she is fully prepared. With a complete understanding of her recovery, most women can confidently have their surgery and enjoy its results.

What Women Need To Know About Breast Augmentation Recovery

To help educate you and help you feel more comfortable about your decision to have a breast augmentation surgery, here are a few of the most common questions women ask before their procedures. This is by no means a complete list. If you have a specific question you would like answered, call Dr. David Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art. An experienced and fully qualified cosmetic surgeon, he would be more than happy to help alleviate your concerns.

Question No. 1: Can I drive myself home right after my breast augmentation?

Unfortunately, no. After your surgery, which typically lasts between one and a half to two hours, you will still be under the influence of general anesthesia. General anesthesia is necessary to guarantee your total safety and comfort during the surgery. You will need to arrange for a ride home and this is a good time to call on a friend or loved one. Also, ask them for a little help around the house once you are safely at home. In the hours immediately after surgery, it’s most critical to get rest and protect your rapidly healing surgical area. If you don’t have help, make sure you have everything you need easily in reach, including heat-and-eat meals, so you won’t have to deal with meal prep or other necessities.

Question No. 2: Will there be scarring after the procedure?

The answer to this question is, it depends. For example, if you have a TUBA (trans-umbilical breast augmentation), the incision will be made in your belly button, which will be all but undetectable. If you choose an implant type that isn’t suitable for this particular scar-free technique, not to worry. Any incision made for your breast augmentation will be virtually hidden after your procedure. That is because Dr. Mashhadian uses the Keller Funnel technique to place your implants. In this technique, the implant is “loaded” into the large end of the Keller Funnel and pushed into the breast pocket through the smaller end, for faster and safer implant insertion. Think of icing on a cupcake: that’s how this technique works. This technique lowers the risk of infection, allows for a much smaller incision to be made on the underside crease of the breast, and also reduces potential scarring. In addition, Dr. Mashhadian can give you extensive tips and tricks to help you minimize your scarring and maximize your results.

Question No. 3: What exercises can I do after a breast augmentation?

Exercise is crucial to staying healthy, especially after surgery; however, you have to choose the right exercises for your stage of recovery so you can recover more quickly but also avoid introducing problems. During your breast augmentation recovery, gentle walking is often best; it places you in an upright position, encourages healthy blood flow and, like all exercise, can boost your mood. Start off by walking about 15 minutes at a time, carefully listening to your body, and gradually lengthen your walks as you are able.

Question No. 4: Will I have to take a lot of pain medication after my breast augmentation?

This is an easy question — although we’ll admit we’re biased. If you have your breast augmentation at Rodeo Surgical Art, you probably won’t even need any narcotic prescription pain medication during your comfortable, quick recovery. Dr. David Mashhadian is one of the foremost experts in breast augmentation nationwide and is conveniently located to help women in the Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Hollywood and Malibu areas achieve the breast results they desire and deserve. Dr. Mashhadian has not only pioneered surgical techniques in the field of breast augmentation but also has created a unique recovery program called Recovery EXL, which you can only have here at Rodeo Surgical Art. With Recovery EXL, Dr. Mashhadian’s patients can have a recovery with virtually no pain and no unwanted side effects, through a combination of techniques and medications that are proprietary and exclusive to Rodeo Surgical Art. Our approach is a heavily guarded secret, so you will have to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Mashhadian if you wish to learn more about this extraordinary innovation in patient recovery.

Visit Breast-augmentation Expert Dr. Masshadian in Beverly Hills for Your Surgical Consultation

Today Women who are seriously considering a breast augmentation surgery will face many choices and have to make many decisions before getting their implants and enjoying their results. Dr. Mashhadian will help make this process easier for you, by carefully assessing your needs and providing the attentive care you’ll need to determine the right size, shape and profile of implant for your physique and goals.

Dr. Mashhadian will also ensure that only appropriate surgical techniques are used to achieve his client’s goals safely. Whatever your initial concerns are before surgery, Dr. Mashhadian will ensure that you are fully informed, so you can make choices you are comfortable with and that further your goals and give you maximum peace of mind, with long-lasting results.

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