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Breast Reduction

Case 919_1
Never feeling comfortable due to her breast asymmetry and large areola, she came to Dr. Mashhadian to even out her breast and give her a perkier appearance without increasing her size. Dr. Mashhadian decreased the larger breast and lifted both breast while reducing her nipple size to give her the youthful look she wanted.
Case 920_1
Suffering from back and neck pain along with an irritating rash under her large breast was more than uncomfortable. She wanted to have smaller breast to reduce her discomfort and even out her breast size. Dr. Mashhadian gave a breast reduction to ease the weight of her breast and diminish her pain and discomfort.
Case 940_1
After breast-feeding her 3 beautiful children she was left with droopy breast with downward facing nipples. Unhappy with her appearance and wanting perkier breast with smaller areolas, Dr. Mashhadian gave her an inverted T lift and reduction to return her to her pre-pregnancy look.