What two things go better together than health and beauty? Rodeo Surgical Art is partnering with the prestigious Equinox gym in Beverly Hills. Equinox represents a health and transformation movement that Rodeo Surgical Art believes in whole-heartedly. With vitality and beauty going hand in hand Equinox is giving its members and Rodeo Surgical Art, its patients an opportunity to combine the two. Equinox is known for it’s luxurious appeal to design and impeccable attention to detail. Creating an experience that surpasses the normal limitations of a gym and work out. Stimulation each of the senses Equinox generates an exciting and beautiful environment perfect for invoking motivation to get and stay in the best shape of your life. Rodeo Surgical Art embodies many of the same qualities and it is long over due that we join forces! Currently if you are an Equinox member you will receive an automatic 10% off on any cosmetic or surgical procedure. For our patients booking surgeries, you will receive a free one month membership to the Equinox in Beverly Hills. We have a great feeling about combining the positive energy of two amazing businesses!

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