DMK Therapy

DMK therapy is a unique type of facial that offers more dramatic results than your standard spa treatment. This procedure features intense exfoliating action, removing dead skin cells that can dull the complexion and clog pores. It is also effective in detoxifying the skin from other impurities, leaving you with skin that boasts a radiant glow. Rodeo Surgical Art offers DMK therapy as one of our esthetician services, offering our patients a way to revive tired skin without the need for surgery.

What is enzyme therapy?

Enzymes serve as the catalysts for various chemical reactions in the body, stimulating a host of vital functions in the skin. These substances can be used to remove toxins and dead proteins via a process known as reverse osmosis. The ability to remove impurities at such a deep level produces a positive effect on three distinct systems of the body that in turn benefit the skin:

  • Facial Muscles – The enzymes tighten and strengthen facial muscles for a firmer, more youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Lymphatic System – Enzymes enhance the work of the lymphatic system, allowing it to eliminate toxins more efficiently from the body and cleanse the skin on a cellular level.
  • Circulatory System – Enzyme therapy creates a change in the blood vessels of the face, causing them to dilate and bring more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood closer to the skin’s surface where it can have the greatest effect.

Benefits of DMK Therapy

As the enzyme therapy works with the different systems of the body, a myriad of benefits are achieved in the skin which you can both see and feel. Results of a DMK therapy session might include: Muscles are stimulated to create a firmer, more youthful facial profile Complete detoxification produces a healthy, radiant glow to the complexion Smooths away rough skin and the appearance of shallow scarring Reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a younger appearance Creates a firmer, more toned look to the face overall

Treatment Overview

DMK therapy is an experience like you have never had before. After the skin is cleansed, a thick solution is brushed onto the face and décolleté and left on for a prescribed period. During the treatment, you will feel your skin tighten significantly as the enzyme formulation pulls at the skin and tightens the underlying muscles.

The formulation can be tailored to your needs by adding different ingredients to address your precise concerns. This allows DMK therapy to be effectively used for nearly any skin type, including aging skin, acne-prone skin and complexions with pigmentation irregularities. Once the formulation has remained on for the correct time, it is gently removed, and additional products may be applied to further enhance the results of your procedure.

Recovery and Results

Immediately following your DMK therapy session, you will see your blood vessels in the treatment area have become very visible, creating a red network across your skin. While their appearance may look alarming, this is a sign that the treatment worked correctly, and your vessels are busy drawing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of you skin where they will provide the most noticeable results. The effect will only last a short time and by the time you leave our office, the vessels will be much less prominent.

There is no pain or downtime after a DMK therapy session, which means you can resume your daily activities right away. We recommend a series of treatment sessions to achieve the best possible outcome. Once you are satisfied with your results, an occasional maintenance session will be sufficient for ensuring you keep your healthy glow.

DMK therapy is a relatively new treatment and is not available through many providers at this time. Rodeo Surgical Art is one of the facilities in the Beverly Hills area currently offerings this procedure to our patients. To find out more, contact our office today at 310-652-4500.


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