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The short answer is yes. All surgical procedures will leave a scar. You cannot make an incision without a resulting scar. However, the good news is that with a skilled Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon like Dr. David Mashhadian performing your tummy tuck procedure, your scar will be well placed so that it is easily covered with swimsuits or underwear.

The incision for your tummy tuck procedure will be placed on your lower abdomen. For a full tummy tuck, Dr. Mashhadian will make a horizontal incision between your pubic hair line and your navel. The length and shape of this incision will depend on the degree of correction necessary. For a mini tummy tuck, your incision will be smaller and less noticeable, but your results will not be as dramatic as the full procedure.

In consultation with Dr. Mashhadian, you can have all of your concerns addressed about scarring and determine which procedure, the full or mini tummy tuck is the right one to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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