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At Rodeo Surgical Art, we want each of our Beverly Hills patients to be completely satisfied with their breast surgery results. The first step in achieving your desired beauty goals is to choose the procedure that will give you the natural-looking results you want.

One of the most common choices our patients have to make is between a breast augmentation and a breast lift. Both will greatly improve the look and feel of your breasts, but the procedures address different concerns.

A breast augmentation is usually appropriate if you:

  • Want larger breasts
  • Have no or only mild sagging
  • Are unhappy with the shape of your breasts

On the other hand, we might recommend a breast lift if you:

  • Are basically satisfied with the size of your breasts
  • Have more significant sagging issues
  • Are unhappy with the size, shape or appearance of your nipples and areolas

In some circumstances, it is appropriate to combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. Both procedures are often utilized as part of a mommy makeover. We will help you explore your options and choose the procedure that is right for you.

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