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With plenty of effective non-surgical anti-aging treatments available today, you can keep that clock rolled back without anesthesia or incisions for an extended period. However, you are likely to get to a point when you realize those injections are no longer sufficient at eliminating all the aging symptoms you are starting to battle. This may be an indication it is time to move beyond those non-surgical treatments to a surgical facelift that will achieve the more dramatic results you are seeking. Rodeo Surgical Art has a few indicators to look for when you are trying to decide if the time is right for surgery.

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Dermal fillers and neuromodulators like Botox are highly successful in smoothing away those pesky fine lines and wrinkles – at least in their early stages. The problem lies in the fact that those creases can continue to deepen, making it more challenging to eliminate them with injectable treatments alone. At this point, the best way to say goodbye to wrinkles may be to surgically remove them by repositioning underlying facial tissue and firming up the skin. These two goals are best achieved with a surgical facelift technique.


Wrinkles aren’t the only sign you are getting older. Some areas of the face like the temples, cheeks and under the eyes can take on a hollow look. This phenomenon is due to loss of collagen in the underlying skin structure that supports the dermal layers and gives skin its smooth, supple look. It is further exacerbated by the loosening of skin in the area, leading to sagging that magnifies the hollowing. Surgery may become the best approach for this hollowing by removing the extra skin and adding fullness to the facial contours.

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Gravity works with the natural aging process to draw skin and tissue down, creating a drooping that can make you look constantly worried, tired or even angry. This is particularly pronounced in the brow area and can even begin to interfere with your line of vision over time. A surgical brow lift raises the forehead area and the line of the eyebrows to create a refreshed look. A mid facelift can also address some of this drooping, particularly when it occurs underneath the eyes.


For a while, injections of dermal fillers were able to reduce the appearance of skin laxity that was beginning to lead to the formation of jowls along the jawline. However, a point will come when these injectable treatments will no longer have the desired effect because there is simply too much loose skin to address with dermal fillers alone. At this point, the only viable solution is likely a lower facelift with or without a neck lift, to restore the definition of the jawline and eliminate the dreaded jowls of old age.


*Individual Results May Vary


Even if your injectable treatments are continuing to have the desired effect, you may simply grow weary of scheduling regular procedures to maintain your positive results. Over time, these treatment sessions can begin to cost a significant amount of money in addition to your valuable time. At this point, you may decide to pursue more permanent results with a surgical procedure that only has to be performed one every 10 years or so.

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