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One of the most beneficial things about liposuction is its ability to treat a number of areas on the body. Beverly Hills liposuction surgeon Dr. David Mashhadian can use this technique to remove stubborn deposits of fat from:

  • Legs – ankles, calves, knees, and thighs
  • Lower body – buttock, hips, and waist
  • Mid body – abdomen, flanks, back, and arms
  • Upper body – chest, neck, and face

In fact, if you have an area with excess fat that refuses to respond to diet and exercise, chances are it can be treated with one of the liposuction techniques we offer.

Different Techniques for Different Body Parts

Fat can be different depending on where it accumulates. In addition, some parts of the body respond better to certain liposuction techniques or require a delicate touch such as that provided by our VASER liposuction machine.

We work with each patient on an individual level. When you come to our Beverly Hills office for your liposuction consultation, we will assess your entire frame and identify all of your problem areas. From there, we can customize your liposuction treatment to ideally contour your body and help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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