Staying Cheeky: Benefits of Cheek Implants

If your cheeks are lacking the pizazz you are looking for, cheek implants may be an option for you. These synthetic implants fit inside the cheek to provide youthful volume and definition to the midface. Cheek implants are available at Rodeo Surgical Art and there are a number of reasons you should consider this facial contouring option.

Adding Balance and Proportion

Implants do more than add size to a particular area of the face or body. They can also create balance and proportion that was lacking before. In some cases, implants might be used to create symmetry between the cheekbones or to balance a prominent chin. They can also restore volume to the midface that has been lost through the aging process.

Multiple Shapes and Sizes to Choose From

Synthetic cheeks implants come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit every facial contour. This allows us to tailor your cheek implant procedure to your specific needs and desired results. The goal of the surgery is to create a natural and beautiful appearance with implants that are just right for you.

Try Before You Buy

Many of our patients decide to try out their new cheekbones before undergoing the surgical procedure. We can give them a fairly accurate idea of what their results might look like by applying dermal fillers to the area. These injectable treatments support the underlying dermal layers, adding volume and definition to the cheeks on a temporary basis. If patients like the results, they will often turn to implants next for a permanent solution.

Quick Procedure, Short Recovery

The placement of cheek implants is a relatively quick surgery that can be performed right in our office. Most procedures are done using local anesthesia and take less than one hour to complete. Patients are able to return home the same day as their surgery, but will likely experience some swelling and bruising for the first week or two. Most patients are back to regular activities within 7-10 days, although strenuous exercise will likely be restricted for a number of weeks.

No Visible Scarring After Surgery

In most cases, cheek implants can be placed using incisions inside the mouth. When external incisions must be used, they are typically placed in the natural folds of the skin or in areas where visible scarring will not be noticeable. This is a huge plus to patients that would like to permanently transform their facial profile but don’t want to make it obvious they “had work done.”

Synthetic Implants Offer Permanent Results

While injectable treatments can offer similar results to cheek implants, the results of those procedures are only temporary. That means you will have to repeat your procedure on a regular basis to maintain your results. Cheek implants are considered a permanent modification of the facial profile. However, if you ever decide you do not want your implants any longer, they can be removed. If you like them, you will never have to have another procedure to keep your results intact.

Cheek implants are a popular way to permanently transform the facial profile and add balance and symmetry to the face. Dr. Mashhadian performs this procedure at his Rodeo Drive office. To learn more or schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Mashhadian, contact Rodeo Surgical Art at 310-652-4500.


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