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A mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring and breast procedures that can help women restore their bodies following pregnancy and nursing. This plastic surgery option is customized for each patient and based on the unique ways motherhood has changed various aspects of your body. During your plastic surgery consultation with Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. David Mashhadian, we can assess your entire figure, discuss your areas of concern, and tailor your mommy makeover to help you reclaim your pre-pregnancy body.

A mommy makeover generally includes plastic surgery options such as:

Liposuction is a versatile procedure that is valuable to almost every mommy makeover patient because it can remove those stubborn deposits of fat your body stores during pregnancy. These fat deposits are often impervious to diet and exercise, requiring a procedure such as liposuction to fully restore your body to its natural form.

Areas such as your legs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, neck, and face, are all treatable with liposuction, making it an ideal complement to nearly every mommy makeover procedure.

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