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How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Breast Implants?

The results of breast augmentation can last for many years. However, breast implants do not last forever, and eventually, most people will need to replace their breast implants. A consultation at Rodeo Surgical art can determine when your implants need to be replaced.

*individual results may vary.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Breast Implants?

Breast implants are meant to last many years, but not forever. While newer models of breast implants very rarely rupture, they can harden, develop scar tissue, and begin to develop rippling and uneven texture. Some women have no issues with their breast implants but want to try newer ones that have a better lift, upper breast fullness, and projection. Some women liked their larger implants in the past but would prefer to downsize, while others would like a volume increase. The reasons for replacing implants vary from person to person. 

How Does Breast Implant Replacement Work?

Dr. Mashhadian will remove your implants through a previous incision if possible as part of his Scar Less surgical philosophy. He will examine the breast implant pocket for any scar tissue or signs of capsular contracture, which occurs when the pocket scars and hardens around the breast. Removal of this scar tissue will soften and smooth the appearance and texture of the breasts. In addition to a new implant, this will resolve issues of rippling or uneven texture. 

After the removal of old implants, your surgeon can place new ones through the same incision or use a TUBA (trans-umbilical breast augmentation) method. This technique creates a tiny scar inside the belly button and creates channels to each breast, allowing the surgeon to inspect the breast pocket with a camera. Dr. Mashhadian has performed more of these procedures than almost any other surgeon in the country with excellent results, but this technique only works with silicone implants which the surgeon fills after placement. 

Some people choose to have no implant placed at all, often for health reasons but sometimes because they just do not want an implant anymore. For these women, fat transfer breast augmentation can use a person’s own fat injected into the breasts to provide subtle fullness and volume. 

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Breast Implants?

Breast implants last ten to twenty years on average. However, not everyone keeps their implants that long. Some people want a newer look and would like to try some of the new implants available on the market, such as the popular Gummy Bear implants. People on average keep their implants eight to ten years before seeking an implant replacement.

What are the Benefits of a Breast Implant Replacement?

Replacing your breast implants has several benefits to the appearance and feel of your breasts. 

Softer Feel

Newer implants will feel softer and more flexible than older ones. Implants often become stiff with age, so a new pair can rejuvenate the softness and firmness of the breasts. 

Better Projection and Shape

The newer generations of implants can offer people improved results over older ones, including more projection and perkiness and more upper breast fullness for a more rounded appearance. 

Adapts to Your Changing Body

You may undergo natural changes over the ten to twenty years you have your implants or even before this. Some people opt for replacement breast implants because they want implants more suited to their current appearance and lifestyle. 

Health Reasons

New implants are safer and even less likely to rupture than before. In the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Mashhadian, newer implants result in fewer instances of capsular contracture and other complications. Even with safer implants, some women have concerns about health effects and choose to have implants removed. 

Sagging or Drooping

While implants add volume, they cannot lift sagging breasts. Some women who have experienced breast sagging want to keep their volume but want it lifted back up where it belongs. For these people, a breast lift accompanied by new implants can achieve the desired look. 

Consultations available now

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Recovery and Results from Breast Implant Replacement 

Dr. Mashhadian’s Recovery EXL system will use a combination of medication and surgical techniques to make recovery smoother and faster. Patients wear a surgical bra for several weeks to support their healing breasts, and may see bruising and swelling that can last for several weeks. The healing process depends on the type of implant replacement and whether significant scarring needs to be removed. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Replacement?

If you currently have breast implants, you will probably need to have a breast implant replacement in the future. You should avoid smoking for several weeks before and after the procedure if you are a smoker. Ideal candidates have reasonable expectations and understand that problems like capsular contracture can still recur. 


*Individual Results May Vary


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*Individual Results May Vary