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How Long Does Facelift Recovery Take?

There’s a reason the facelift is so widely known as the procedure that most successfully turns back the clock. It can lift the features of the face, tighten skin, and fight the effects of gravity that come with the aging process. Dr. David Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art is a true artist with the facelift, with a wealth of skill and experience to draw upon for results you can’t help but love, all while minimizing recovery times. You’ll be looking your best and most youthful in no time at all.


How Does a Facelift Work?

Facelift surgery, or rhytidectomy, is about more than tightening the skin. This procedure remodels the face’s delicate anatomical features, which are part of the SMAS layer, the foundation of facial structure and support. By repositioning and reducing your fat pads, repositioning muscles that may have loosened with time, and removing excess lax skin, Dr. Mashhadian can refresh your appearance for natural results that emphasize your most striking features. The incisions are cleverly camouflaged in your hairline or in the natural creases around your ears.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Facelifts are performed on men and women alike for a variety of reasons. Those who are most satisfied with their results are generally healthy patients who don’t smoke. While a facelift cannot prevent future signs of aging, it can turn back the starting line from which those signs show.

How Long Does Facelift Recovery Take?

One of the most common concerns about a rhytidectomy is recovery. While every patient heals at their own pace, Dr. Mashhadian has developed the Recovery EXL™ process, a proprietary combination of advanced surgical techniques and medications that can significantly reduce recovery times and pain. Many patients don’t need narcotic pain management and are on their feet within hours rather than days.

Rejuvenation Day

This can be an emotional day full of excitement and nervousness, but you’re in the hands of a world-class surgeon with Dr. Mashhadian. After your procedure, you may feel unsteady and drowsy. Having a loved one support you for the first 24 hours can ease you into recovery. You’ll have some swelling and bandages, and it’s best to sleep with your head elevated to improve circulation.

Recovery Day 2-3

Rest is highly recommended because you need energy to heal. Listen to your body and get the rest you need. Achieving some mobility will help reduce the risk of blood clots, but be careful not to overdo it. Your bruising and swelling may be at its peak during this time.

Recovery Day 4-6

Any discomfort from your facelift will be noticeably diminished by this time, and your swelling begins reducing. You may also feel more mobile. If you feel well enough, light cooking or housework is permitted.

Recovery Week 2

You may feel well enough to return to work during this week, provided your job is not strenuous. Some bruising and swelling may still be visible, and you experience tingling, tightness, or numbness. This is normal. Light activities like short walks may help you feel better. If you have sutures, they may be removed at the beginning of this week.

Recovery Weeks 3-4

The results of your facelift should really be taking shape now. You may still have mild swelling or tightness, but this is the point most patients feel like themselves again and adopt moderate exercise. Socially, your recovery becomes much less obvious, with your incisions beginning to fade from red to pink.

After this point, your life should resemble your pre-facelift routine. While these timeframes are averages, Dr. Mashhadian’s Recovery EXL™ program can reduce recovery lengths, so you may feel better sooner and begin enjoying your new, youthful appearance that will last for years.

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