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Many of our Beverly Hills patients have heard the usual urban myths about cosmetic surgery. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we want you to be well-informed about your procedures and put your mind at ease when you are selecting the cosmetic surgeries that will make you look and feel the best in your body.

Common myths include:

  • Cosmetic surgery is risky: Every surgical procedure has some risk; that’s just the nature of surgery. However, Dr. David Mashhadian has years of experience in all of our procedures. Our priority is your comfort and safety.
  • Cosmetic surgery is prohibitively expensive: Your beauty and confidence cannot be defined by a price. Our convenient financing options allow you to afford the procedures you want.
  • Plastic surgery is just for women: The fact is men benefit from cosmetic surgery as much as women. Liposuction is particularly helpful for men who want to eliminate stubborn deposits of fat. And gynecomastia can help you achieve the more masculine look you want.

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