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Is There a Difference in Technique for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

ethnic rhinoplasty patient

Standard rhinoplasty techniques primarily dealt with Caucasian bone and facial structures until a scant few years ago. For this reasons, there’s an increasing demand for experienced ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons, who have the skills and know-how of advanced surgical techniques to

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Enhancing a Square Nose

There are many reasons to pursue rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery used to enhance the overall appearance of the nose. One of the reasons patients come to Dr. Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art is to correct the tip of the

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

Changing the size, shape or appearance of the nose no longer has to involve invasive surgical procedures. Some patients can achieve their aesthetic goals with a combination of injectable treatments designed to create balance and symmetry while smoothing out minor

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A Nose Job Without Surgery

If you’re like many people, you might have serious reservations about undergoing surgery. And that can be discouraging if you’re dissatisfied with the look and shape of your nose. Fortunately, Beverly Hills-area residents have a non-surgical rhinoplasty option at Rodeo

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How to Choose your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Any time you are choosing a cosmetic surgeon, you want to make sure you are selecting a doctor who can provide the quality results you want. When you are choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon, that choice is even more important because

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