Breast Revision Surgery Beverly Hillls

Revision Breast Surgery Beverly Hills

When searching for a breast surgeon, make sure you find one that is also experienced in Beverly Hills breast revision surgery.  This does not mean that your first surgery is going to go wrong, but there are legitimate reasons for why you might need additional surgery on down the line.  It would be good to establish a good and lasting relationship with a surgeon who is experienced in this area.

The following are just some of the reasons for why you might opt for a Beverly Hills revision breast surgery:

*There is a capsular contracture

*You want a different implant size

*You want to change from silicone to saline implants or vice versa.

*You want to correct a scar

*You will might need a future breast lift

*You want the breast implants taken out

*Your breasts begin to sag or become too heavy

*You suffer with nipple problems

*Your breast implants are moving around

*Your breast implants are torn or deflated

*Your breast implants have shell rippling

Obtaining Excellent Results with Beverly Hills Breast Surgery Revision

Oftentimes you will need to correct or revise certain breast implant issues and they will require surgeries that are usually very painless and easy to perform.  However, when you choose to get your implants taken out, there is always the possibility that there will be a negative aesthetic impact.  It is a good thing that Dr Mashhadian has experience in handling such cases and can help to decrease any possible negative effects that may come along. We are here to provide answers for any questions that you may have about getting new breast implants.  Please call us today for a confidential consultation at: 310-652-4500.


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