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During pregnancy, your breasts undergo many changes. Generally within the first or second trimester, your breasts will begin to get larger. They may also become sore or tender at this point. By the third month of pregnancy, your breasts will begin producing colostrum, which may even begin to leak a bit as you draw closer to the birth of your child.

Women with breast implants undergo the exact same changes as women without them, and many of those women are just as satisfied with their breast implant results as they were before pregnancy. However, some women choose to have revision surgery to correct imperfections that occur due to childbearing and some women wait until they are finished having children before choosing to have their breasts enhanced.

What’s Right for You?

Should you wait to have breast augmentation until you are finished having children? This is a very personal decision that depends on several factors. If you are unhappy with your appearance and are considering enhancement, Dr. Mashhadian can help you understand your options and determine what is best for your body.

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