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Am I a Candidate for an Eyelid Lift?

The thin, sensitive skin around the eyes shows signs of aging before the rest of your face. The eyelids can start to sag and wrinkle, and you may notice drooping skin or undereye puffiness. You can rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes with an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. This procedure lifts sagging skin and brightens your eyes to make you look younger and more refreshed.

What is an Eyelid Lift?

An eyelid lift can include surgery on the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. Some people have a specific concern, such as undereye droopiness, while others want to lift and brighten the entire eye area. An eyelid lift can even remove drooping skin and fat that has started to obstruct your vision. Depending on the procedure, Dr. Mashhadian performs eyelid lifts using either local or general anesthesia. He may also perform an eyelid lift as part of another procedure, such as a facelift.

How Does an Eyelid Lift Work?

An eyelid lift uses a small hidden incision to lift the eyelid, remove excess skin, and remove or reposition the fat pads. A different procedure is performed on the upper or lower eyelid. Since many people have concerns with both eyelids, they often choose to have the upper and lower eyelid lift at the same time. 

Upper Eyelid

Dr. Mashhadian makes a small incision hidden in a crease on the upper eyelid, then lifts and removes excess skin to tighten the eyelid for a more alert, bright-eyed appearance. If drooping upper eyelids make you look sleepy or even obstruct your vision, an upper eyelid lift can correct the problem.

Lower Eyelid

This incision is made along the lower eyelashes. Dr. Mashhadian will lift the loose skin to correct drooping. He will also reposition the fat pads under the eye. When these sag below their usual position, they create the appearance of puffiness or undereye bags. Repositioning them makes your undereye area look smoother, younger, and less hollow.

Am I a Candidate for an Eyelid Lift?

If you have drooping eyelid skin and fat, you may be a good candidate for an eyelid lift. Depending on your concerns, you may be a candidate for an upper or lower eyelid surgery or both. Good candidates have no major health problems and no significant eye problems. You should not smoke or prepare to quit at least four weeks before your surgery. Smoking can impair healing and complicate your recovery.

How Long Does an Eyelid Lift Last?

The loose skin and fat removed by an eyelid lift will not return. You can expect your results to last for many years. Gravity and aging will eventually start to affect your results, but you will continue to look younger than you would have without the procedure. You can prolong your results by following the recommended skincare and sun protection plan. Avoiding sun exposure plays a crucial role in keeping your eye area looking younger.

How Much Does an Eyelid Lift Cost?

Costs for surgical procedures like an eyelid lift are difficult to estimate. The average eyelift procedure costs about $3200. This average includes prices from across the nation, and your cost will vary depending on your area. Dr. Mashhadian makes eyelid lifts and other procedures available for you by offering excellent financing options.

What are the Benefits of an Eyelid Lift?

Eyelid lifts are a very popular procedure thanks to their ability to rejuvenate and refresh the eye area. You will enjoy some expected and possibly unexpected benefits from your eyelid lift.

  • Reduction in eyelid wrinkles
  • Tightened eyelids
  • Improved vision for some people
  • Removal of puffy undereye bags
  • Correction of undereye hollowness
  • Easier eye makeup application
  • No more tired or sad appearance
  • Long-lasting results

What Procedures Can I Have With an Eyelid Lift?

Many people choose an eyelid lift to accompany a facelift or brow lift. A brow lift complements an eyelid lift by raising drooping eyebrows to make your bright, youthful eyes more visible. A facelift improves lines and wrinkles around the eyes but does not affect the eyelids, so an eyelid lift can make sure your eyes look as young as the rest of your face after the procedure.

What is Recovery Like From an Eyelid Lift?

Dr. Mashhadian will monitor your recovery and determine when you can resume activities such as going to work. He recommends that you plan for two weeks of recovery time, although you may need more or less. Bruising and swelling can take a week or two to resolve. As the swelling fades, you can see the new, rejuvenated shape of your eyelids. Your results will continue to develop as residual swelling resolves.

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