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Medical advances are always being made at Rodeo Surgical Art and with each new advance, new options are available to you. This is especially true when it comes to breast augmentation. Apart from the priority of your safety, there is not any one path for a procedure, but each surgery can be tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the patient. If you are considering breast augmentation, it can be helpful to understand your options for incision placement. Although each choice is safe, different aesthetics can be realized according to your decision.


One of the latest and most exciting developments in breast augmentation is the transumbilical incision, also known as TUBA. The incision is made through the inside edge of the belly button. Empty implants are inserted, moved to the breast where they can be put into position and then inflated. The obvious benefit of this method is that the scar is hidden within the belly button. It also requires less time under anesthesia and can usually be done in 30-45 minutes.

Disadvantages can arise if there are complications with positioning or if adjustments need to be made later. The TUBA scar cannot be reopened so any future alterations would require an additional surgery.


Transaxillary is another option available through an incision made in the armpit. Again, this possibility avoids any scarring whatsoever on the breast. The skin creases around the armpit often naturally hide any sign of a surgery. Although endoscopic technology provides very precise control from this position, further surgery to remove scar tissue can be problematic from this approach.

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Inframammary is one of the most directly visible incisions, but many women will find that the scar is easily hidden beneath the fold of the breast. The position offers exceptional precision for the placement of silicone gel implants and the incision is easily accessible for additional surgeries.


Finally, there is the periareolar approach. By following the lower curve of the nipple, an incision is made and a pocket is created within the breast. Through such direct positioning, the implant can be easily and precisely slipped into place. The color of the nipple will often hide the scar and the incision can be conveniently reopened for necessary alterations in the future.


*Individual Results May Vary


Dr. David Mashhadian understands that success is always in the details. This is what motivates him to approach every surgery with complete accuracy and utmost care. He is aware that making any change to your body is an incredibly personal and important decision. For this reason, he is always available before and after a procedure to answer questions and concerns, and ensure your satisfaction.

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