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Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement - Stats - Beverly Hills

Non-surgical cheek enhancement at our Beverly Hills cosmetic facility is an incredible way to regain youthful fullness and symmetry to the cheeks and over all look of the face. When we are young our skin’s curves are smooth and flawless. The tissue is taut and round and generally free of crevices and unflattering dips. Dr. Mashhadian uses a very thick filler material such as Radiesse to plump up cheeks, which then pulls and tightens the other surrounding areas of loose skin giving an all around more refreshed and symmetrical appearance. The filler material can also be used to build up cheekbone areas that are flat and are lacking depth. This is a great, non-surgical way to see amazing improvement quickly and easily right here in our office!
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Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation


Additional Non-Surgical Options

Other non-surgical cosmetic enhancements we offer at Rodeo Surgical Art in Beverly Hills:

What is Cannula? Rather than using a sharp needle which pierces and damages blood vessels and skin tissue when inserted, a tiny hole is inserted in the tissue, and instead of ripping and tearing tissue fibers under the skin, the cannula glides through pushing blood vessels and capillaries out of the way while the material is being injected under the skin. This makes for a much more comfortable and much better looking result, faster!

Cannula vs classic needle for non-surgical facial enhancement - Beverly Hills

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