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Our Face Lift Beverly Hills procedure is perfect for those who have an excess amount of sagging skin and wrinkled tissue due to aging. Typically along with the Face Lift procedure other non-surgical treatments are used in combination with facial plastic surgery to achieve the best results possible. The Face Lift procedure can be done in three variations depending on the degree of variation you are expecting to see The traditional Face Lift incision begins at the temples of the hairline continues around the front curve of the ear and ends in the hairline of the lower scalp. This is the time where fat transfer to the face can be done to achieve a more rejuvenated appearance. Deeper layers of the facial tissue and muscle are sculpted, repositioned and lifted. This is why the surgical results of a facelift are unlike any other non-surgical procedure and cannot be achieved without such a procedure. The limited incision face life is done using shorter incisions in the area of the upper face as opposed to ending in the hair-line at the lower scalp. Beverly Hills Facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Mashhadian will determine which incisions are best and will end with the smoothest and most attractive results. The neck lift is done to remove loose and sagging skin, also referred to as jowls. Fat deposits can accumulate under the chin and neck area causing a ballooning effect with can be remedied in conjunction with the facelift procedure or separately, offering dramatic results as well.

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